A chef shaken after a “very serious” accident

Warning: this article contains images that may be disturbing to some people.

Chef Gordon Ramsay has described feeling shaken after a “very serious” cycling accident in the United States.

In a video posted to his social media, he lifted his chef’s clothing to show significant purple bruising on his torso for which he had to be hospitalized.

Addressing the message to “all the dads” ahead of Father’s Day on Sunday, the Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares and Hell’s Kitchen star stressed the importance of wearing a helmet.

“I don’t care how short the ride is,” he said, adding that the advice becomes even more important when it comes to cycling with children: “They have to wear a helmet.”

“I want to wish you all a happy Father’s Day, but please, please wear a helmet. If I didn’t, honestly, I wouldn’t be here now.”

On his Instagram, he also shared a before and after photo showing significant damage to his helmet.

The chief said the accident took place earlier this week in Connecticut.

The 57-year-old thanked the trauma surgeons and nurses at the state’s Lawrence and Memorial Hospital who cared for him.

He said he had “no broken bones or suffered any serious injuries” but was “a little bruised, looking like a purple potato.”

“I’m hurting. It’s been a brutal week. And I’m getting through it,” Ramsay added.

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