Adam Sandler’s ‘Happy Gilmore 2’ officially confirmed for Netflix

Damn, it’s golf! The beloved 1996 golf comedy “Happy Gilmore” is getting the sequel treatment from Netflix, with original star Adam Sandler set to return.

The streamer confirmed the film during its initial presentation to advertisers Wednesday afternoon in New York.

Sandler starred in and co-wrote Universal Pictures’ “Happy Gilmore,” directed by Dennis Dugan. The sports comedy remains one of Sandler’s most popular films.

He plays the titular Happy Gilmore, a hockey player with anger management issues who discovers he also has a talent for golf. Happy joins the golf circuit to earn money to save his grandmother’s house and faces off against a cocky pro named Shooter McGavin, played by Christopher McDonald. The supporting cast also included Julie Bowen and Carl Weathers.

McDonald first fueled rumors of a sequel in March, when he revealed that Sandler had released the first draft of the film during an unexpected meeting.

“I saw Adam (Sandler) about two weeks ago and he said, ‘McDonald, you’re going to love this,'” McDonald said. “I said what?’ He says, “How about this” and he shows me the first version of “Happy Gilmore 2” Maybe you should cut that (from this audio) because I don’t want to be a liar, but he. showed it to me, and I thought, “Well, that would be great.” So, it’s in the works, dammit.

“Happy Gilmore” grossed nearly $40 million at the worldwide box office in 1996, helping to make Sandler one of the biggest comedy stars of the decade.

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