Cameron Brink’s charm offensive claimed Shohei Ohtani and Kawhi Leonard

Cameron Brink has yet to experience a victory in her WNBA career, but she is already making a big impression in Los Angeles.

On the court, the Sparks rookie has the second-most blocks in the league through two games. Off the field, she is everywhere. On Monday night, Brink and teammate Rickea Jackson, the No. 4 pick in the WNBA draft, threw out the first pitch(s) before the Los Angeles Dodgers – Arizona Diamondbacks game. Even though neither threw a strike, the important thing is that no one embarrassed themselves.

As a true VIP, Brink also got to spend time behind the scenes and met Shohei Ohtani whose wife Mamiko Tanaka also played basketball. While Tanaka is *only* 5-foot-11, Brink is 6-foot-4, which is the same height as Ohtani and clearly tall enough to catch him off guard.

Brink and Ohtani are both New Balance athletes who recently appeared in the same commercial. But he is not the only New Balance athlete that it has quickly won over. During a recent appearance on Paul George’s podcast, she shared the story of filming a New Balance 2023 commercial with Kawhi Leonard. George and Brink agreed that Kawhi is very funny, with Brink even giving a pretty accurate impression of his laugh.

Kawhi Leonard has done a lot of things in his career that people will remember, but Brink calling him the “male version of Aubrey Plaza” is particularly astonishing. Plaza, herself a well-known hoopster, can now seriously consider herself the female version of Kawhi Leonard and no one will be able to say anything about it.

Brink and the Sparks will perform Caitlin Clark and Indiana Fever on ION Friday night. The winner will likely get the next sponsorship opportunity.

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