Cavs vs Celtics Game 5: Live updates from the Eastern Conference semifinals

CLEVELAND, Ohio — The Cleveland Cavaliers fight to keep their season alive Wednesday night in Game 5 against the Boston Celtics.

After stealing Game 2 on the road, the Cavs dropped Games 3 and 4 to Cleveland. They were dealt a brutal blow, with Donovan Mitchell forced to miss Game 4 with a calf injury. It appears Mitchell and Jarrett Allen won’t be available for Game 5 either.

The Cavs showed they can play with the Celtics if they fight like they did in Game 4. They will have to start again to extend the series.

You can get live updates on the game here, including highlights, analysis and information from The Cavs beat reporters Chris Fedor and Ethan Sands, as well as Tim Bielik, Hayden Grove and Jimmy Watkins.

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4:57, 3Q: Evan Mobley converts a three-point play and a layup on consecutive possessions to cut Boston’s lead to 66-72.

8:39 a.m., 3Q: Al Horford hits a 3. Boston leads 69-57.

9:07, 3Q: The Celtics respond to five straight Cavs points with an 8-0 run to force a Cavs timeout. Boston leads 66-57.

Half time: Garland makes the technical free throw but fails to beat the halftime buzzer. Boston leads 58-52. Derrick White has 15 points to lead all scorers, while Marcus Morris leads the Cavs with 14.

4.3, 2Q: Jayson Tatum hits a 3 on Garland and is hit with a technical foul immediately afterward.

37.1, 2Q: Jayson Tatum makes two free throws to increase the lead to four.

40.2, 2Q: Sam Merrill makes an open 3. Boston leads 53-51.

2:00 p.m., 2Q: Jayson Tatum gets a dunk in transition to give Boston a five-point lead.

3:02, 2Q: Al Horford hits a 3 to give Boston a 51-48 lead.

4:02, 2Q: Derrick White makes a layup on one possession. The next time, he hits a 3 to tie the score at 48.

5:16 p.m., 2Q: Morris hits a mid-range jumper to give the Cavs a 48-43 lead.

5:29 p.m., 2Q: JB Bickerstaff requests a waiting period.

6:29, 2Q: Al Horford responds to another Morris bucket with a 3.

7:12.2Q: Morris responds to a Jaylen Brown layup with a 3 from the top of the arc. The Cavs lead 44-40.

7:42, 2Q: Darius Garland scores a left-handed floater on a step-by-step move to keep the Cavs up three.

8:21, 2Q: Jaylen Brown scores on Max Strus to cut the lead to one point.

8:59, 2Q: Sam Merril and Evan Mobley score five quick points to give Cleveland a 39-36 lead.

10:08, 2Q: Max Strus hits a 3 to tie the score at 34 and force a Boston timeout.

10:43, 2Q: Sam Hauser and Issac Okoro trade 3s to keep the lead at three.

11:38, 2Q: Payton Pritchard hits a 3 to give Boston a 31-28 lead.

End of 1st Q: Tristan Thompson is called for goalie during a layup attempt by Sam Hauser. The score was tied at 28 heading into the second quarter.

1:14, 1Q: Darius Garland makes a floater to tie the game. A few possessions later, Garland got to the free throw line and sank a pair to give the Cavs a 28-26 lead.

2:48, 1Q: Strus finds Mobley for an alley-oop, but a Payton Pritchard 3 gives Boston a 26-24 lead.

3:17 p.m., 1Q: Marcus Morris hits a 3 after a Luke Kornet dunk to cut Boston’s lead to 23-22.

4:19, 1Q: Dean Wade hits a 3 to answer a Derrick White layup.

5:19 p.m., 1Q: Tatum responds to four straight Cavs points with a 3 down.

6:25 p.m., 1Q: Evan Mobley makes a layup after a Derrick White 3. Jayson Tatum comes back the other way with a dunk to give Boston a 16-12 lead and force a Cavs timeout.

7:12 a.m., 1Q: Al Horford responds to a Marcus Morris jumper with a 3. Darius Garland comes back down and makes a floater to give Boston the lead 11-10.

8:49 a.m., 1Q: Max Strus makes a 3 to tie the score at six.

10:21, 1Q: Derrick White hits a three on an assist from Jrue Holiday. Boston leads 6-3.

10:58, 1Q: Jaylen Brown hits a 3 from the corner to tie the game.

11:15 a.m., 1Q: Max Strus commits a foul while shooting a 3 following a block by Evan Mobley on Jayson Tatum. Strus makes all three free throws to put the Cavs on the board first.

12:00 p.m., 1Q: The Cavs win the first game.

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