CenturyLink Updates Interrupted: Internet Outage Affects Hundreds After ‘Borched Water Main’ Causes Service Interruption

Lumen shares a comment

A Lumen spokesperson shared a comment with The US Sun.

“Our technicians are working hard to repair a service interruption caused by a broken water main, which is affecting landline, phone and internet service for some customers in central and eastern Iowa,” Mark said Molzen, Lumen’s director of global issues.

“Restoring affected services is our top priority. We will provide regular updates and appreciate your patience and understanding.”

Be informed of updates in the event of an outage

You can stay informed of the outage by signing up for notifications via the CenturyLink app or My CenturyLink.

The company will provide updates on expected resolution time and confirm the date your service will be restored.

If you verify that you are in an outage area, there is no need to request a repair, the website says.

CenturyLink Troubleshooting

You can check for outages with CenturyLink on their website.

According to the company, the best way to do this is to log into your account and immediately receive an alert about an outage in your area.

Credit: CenturyLink

CenturyLink responds to concerned customers

CenturyLink is responding to customers on social media who have expressed concern and frustration over the outage they are currently experiencing.

Customers face issues in Iowa

CenturyLink customers in Iowa are complaining about the outage on X, formerly known as Twitter.

“Looks like the entire state of Iowa just lost internet connection through CenturyLink,” one user wrote.

Log in to check the outage

CenturyLink asks customers to log in to their site to check if there is an outage in their area.

“When you log in to My CenturyLink on the web or in the app, you will see an alert if you are affected by an outage,” the site says.

Users can sign up for notifications on the website or in the app to receive updates in the event of an outage.

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