Congress’s decision to skip exit debates shows it has conceded elections (BJP)

Union Home Minister Amit Shah and his wife Sonal Shah at Kashi Vishwanath Temple to offer prayers, Varanasi. | Photo credit: ANI

Home Minister Amit Shah and BJP president JP Nadda on Friday asserted that the Congress’s decision not to participate in the exit polls is confirmation that the opposition party has conceded the Lok Sabha elections .

Lashing out at Rahul Gandhi, Mr. Shah said in a statement that the Congress was in a “denial mode” ever since he started playing a key role in its affairs.

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“The Congress campaigned through the polls for a majority. But it has now woken up to reality and knows that it risks a rout in the exit polls which will be released after tomorrow’s elections,” Mr. Shah said.

The Congress does not have the face to answer questions from the media, which is why it is debunking the entire exit-poll exercise by claiming that it is meaningless, he added .

“Introspection”: Shah

Mr. Shah said Congress leaders should not deny the denial and instead be introspective, accusing the party of maligning the Supreme Court and the Election Commission when judicial judgments and poll results are not its fault. favorable.

“The BJP has lost many polls but has never boycotted the media or the exit polls,” he said, expressing confidence that the exit polls will indeed prove that the ruling alliance gets “400 paar”.

Mr. Nadda said the Congress’s decision to skip exit debates amounts to an “unequivocal confirmation” that the opposition party has conceded the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

In a post on , but has no qualms about running if he even thinks he has an outside chance.

“Their hypocrisy is not lost on anyone. Let no one in Phase 7 waste their vote on them,” he said.

Will not indulge in speculation: Congress

Mr Nadda’s move against the opposition party came after it announced its decision not to take part in any exit debate in the Lok Sabha on news channels, saying it did not want to not indulge in speculations and fights for TRPs.

“The results will be made public on June 4. Before that, we see no reason to indulge in speculation and fights over the TRP,” Congress spokesperson Pawan Khera said in a statement.

Mr Nadda retorted: “The Congress decision is an unequivocal confirmation that the Congress has conceded the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. »

What is more disconcerting, Mr. Nadda said, is Congress’s antipathy toward the world’s largest democratic process, in which more than 960 million aspirants participated.

“While Indians were electing their leader, who would lead them in the new world order, improve their lives, bring opportunity and prosperity, the Congress worked assiduously to undermine the very institutional process, on which the strong foundations of our democracy rest. “, he said. .

He said that instead of focusing on winning the elections, the opposition party has repeatedly approached the Supreme Court, making outrageous demands, in order to “mutilate” the well-established electoral process.

“The Congress does not complain about EVMs or the electoral process when it wins. Himachal and Telangana are recent examples. But it complains incessantly when it expects a rout,” he said .

Mr. Nadda added that not only the Congress but its extended ecosystem, which is “hostile” to India’s interests, is also joining hands to create a cacophony and is trying by all means to undermine people’s confidence in institutions. and democratic processes.

“They will stop at nothing. They target the Supreme Court, judges who do not give orders to their liking, attack journalists who refuse to be their cheerleaders, tarnish the Election Commission of India and raise questions about data and process integrity,” he said. said.

By deciding to boycott the exit voting exercise, they are calling into question the exercise carried out by several professional agencies, who worked with thousands of associates to get what people were able to vote for, said Mr Nadda.

“Is this the arguments of Congress that there is a big conspiracy, which includes millions of voters, and all this is aimed at making a fool of Congress for the next few days, when the results are known, on June 4 ?” He asked.

He said it was not the role of the great Indian party to “behave like a child whose toy has been confiscated”.

A certain level of maturity is expected from the largest opposition political party, he added.

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