Costco recalls certain Tillamook cheese slices due to plastic

In a letter to Costco members who purchased the recalled product, a Tillamook executive said the cheese may contain “pieces of gray and black plastic.”

TILLAMOOK, Ore. — Some Tillamook cheese slices sold at Costco stores in the Northwest have been recalled because there may be “gray and black pieces of plastic” in some products, a Tillamook executive wrote in a letter from 1 June to Costco members who purchased the affected products. product.

“Out of an abundance of caution and as part of our commitment to product quality and safety at the highest levels, we are voluntarily taking steps to remove this product from the market,” said Mike Bever, executive vice president and director of Tillamook’s supply chain.

The letter explained that the pieces of plastic could be found in Monterey Jack cheese sold in 32-ounce sizes. double pack of Tillamook Colby Jack and Tillamook Monterey Jack cheese slices (item number 651195) between May 9 and 31, 2024.

The affected product also has a “best before” date of October 22, 2024.

It’s unclear, however, exactly how many total Costco products or stores the recall will impact. Tillamook’s letter stated that the recalled cheese was only produced for Costco locations in the Northwest region.

According to the letter, the affected cheese slices are “in limited quantity” and the presence of plastic, if consumed without problem, “is very minimal”.

Bever notes that Costco members who still have the product should, however, return the affected cheese slices for a full refund.

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