Delco’s Favorite Cheesesteaks Can Be Found at These 6 Locations

A cheesesteak from Delco

Image via Delco Original Steaks.

Delco’s Original Steaks in Chadds Ford is known for having the largest cheesesteaks in Delaware County.

Everywhere else, it’s pizza night. Here in Delaware County, it’s cheesesteaks and hoagies.

It’s hard to choose Delco’s favorite cheesesteaks, because loyal fans will insist that’s the one they eat.

There are, however, some truly great Delco names: six of them, writes Maddy Sweitzer-Lamme for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Delco Steaks

These juicy, generously portioned sandwiches use local meat and dairy products. The meat is sliced, not chopped, on a seeded roll.

Jim’s Steaks

These cheesesteaks are smaller, well-seasoned, topped with Wiz, with bits of fried onion adding texture and flavor.

Delco Original Steaks

Here you will find the largest cheesesteaks in Delaware County. The buns are from Sarcone’s Bakery in South Philadelphia, filled with finely ground meat.

Drexel Hill Style Pizza

The cheesesteak here looks like a balanced classic.

The original thunderbird

This place has a nostalgic Delco feel, a cross between a pizza place and a restaurant. The Greco family has run it since 1956. The Thunderbird special adds grilled ham to a classic cheesesteak.

Phil and Jim

Phil & Jim’s, most famous for its Italian hoagies, still holds its own with cheesesteaks. The store is popular for its friendly service and steaks imported from Brazil, New Zealand and Australia.

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