Did you know this alligator movie star lives in Colorado?

When you think of Colorado, the first thought that doesn’t usually come to mind is alligators. Yet some of these giant reptiles call Colorado home. Although these oversized lizards don’t roam freely in the Centennial State, you can still see alligators at a reptile rescue in southern Colorado.

At the Colorado Gator Farm in Mosca, more than 120 alligators call this four-acre habitat home. The Colorado Gator Farm has over seven different ponds and plenty of space for an alligator to sunbathe.

The Alligator movie star lives in Colorado

When I was a teenager, one of the funniest movies I ever watched was Happy Gilmore with Adam Sandler. This film still lives on today in random quotes from people all over the world.

One of the film’s most memorable actors may not really be an actor at all. Known as Chubbs, Happy Gilmore’s one-eyed alligator has starred in numerous films, including Dr. Dolittle 2, Blues Brothers 2000, Interview with the Vampire and many others.


The big screen alligator’s real name is Morris and he’s over 60 years old. Morris the alligator was forced to retire from the big screen after destroying the set of 90s sitcom Coach. The Colorado Gator Farm told KDVR that Morris the alligator is the most dangerous alligator in the southern Colorado park. Check out Morris at his peak on Happy Gilmore:

Learn more about the Mosca, Colorado alligators that call Colorado Gator Farm home at coloradogators.com.

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