Equip Your Brokerage with Intivion’s Leading White Label Forex Solutions

Maintaining the most up-to-date technology stack is a priority for any FX broker in 2024. It is no surprise that an increasingly competitive retail sector also requires tailored solutions that can prove to be an invaluable asset to any operation.

This is where Intivion comes in, offering its recently launched white label forex solutions that include trading platforms, CRM technology and website design to start-ups and established brokers.

Building your white label Forex solution with Intivion

Brokers need advanced technology that can be quickly integrated and adapted to their diverse needs. Intivion understands that starting any brokerage is a time-sensitive matter. That’s why its comprehensive solutions offer an all-in-one approach that can streamline or launch any foreign exchange transaction in just one week.

These solutions have become the go-to option for brokers not only looking to strengthen their technology and operations, but also for start-ups wanting a quick and profitable launch.

Choose from the best trading platforms on offer

Forex brokers want all-in-one solutions to help them allocate their resources more efficiently and focus on their core activities such as customer acquisition and retention. Intivion has integrated multiple trading platforms, each offering unique features and capabilities. Strengthen any trade with the following trading platforms to choose from:

● MetaTrader 4/5 (MT4/MT5)





● VertexFX


Intivion prides itself on its diverse range of platforms capable of meeting all trading preferences and strategies.

Find out what Intivion Technologies can do for you by scheduling a demo today.

Select your CRM

It is impossible to successfully run a forex brokerage in 2024 without an effective CRM. Intivion’s white label Forex solutions include seamless integration of this technology, including its industry-leading AltimaCRM. Intivion offers brokers basic and advanced CRM functionality.

Its core CRM provides fundamental tools for managing customer interactions and data that can be the cornerstone of any foreign exchange operation. With basic reporting and management capabilities, this option is ideal for brokers on a budget, providing a basic level of utility.

By extension, Intivion’s Advanced CRM is the most powerful solution of its kind on the market. This offers a comprehensive suite of tools that can be tailored to the specific needs of any broker or white label solution. The CRM was designed to help optimize client onboarding, track trading activity and ensure the latest regulatory compliance.

Most importantly, this platform offers seamless integration and is a proven resource for any brokerage looking to streamline their operations. Brokers can benefit from the highest levels of customer satisfaction and efficient services that are directly linked to improved profitability, loyalty and long-term relationships with customers.

Design your website

For every brokerage, first impressions start with a well-developed, easy-to-use website. Intivion prioritizes the importance of proper website design, focusing on user experience and viewability that pays dividends for branding and loyalty. Its white label offering is equipped with basic and advanced website design interfaces, helping new and established brokers build their brand authority, gain credibility and attract new clients.

The Basic Website Package provides brokers with all the essentials: explore the basic sitemap features, services, and customization options needed to quickly launch any operation. Intivion’s forex white label also offers advanced website assets, anchored by responsive design, SEO optimization and multiple interactive elements. These are crucial to boost engagement and attract potential traders. With cutting-edge features and engaging multimedia, the Advanced website package is ideal for brokers opting for maximum brand visibility and user experience.

White Label Solutions for Modern Forex Broking

Each forex broker has its own set of needs, targets, KPIs and objectives. Intivion’s flexible solutions can meet every broker need imaginable. Its white label solutions help provide a range of customizable options that can meet the specifications or budget of any forex broker. This technology is compatible with any existing interface or backoffice, which ultimately helps save time and money.

Intivion prioritizes rapid launches and seamless integration of its white label technology, ensuring that forex brokers can launch their business immediately. Nothing should be left to chance in 2024, which means brokers should actively rely on or seek to integrate the most reliable technology available. Intivion’s new white label solution checks all the boxes for start-ups or established brokers looking to make a splash or strengthen their operations.

With cost-effective and personalized solutions to suit all budgets, Intivion allows any forex broker to enter the market quickly and competitively. Schedule a live demo with Intivion today to get started.

About Intivion Technologies

Intivion Technologies is a tailor-made provider of advanced technology solutions and forex CRM capabilities for brokers. As a one-stop technology solutions partner for over 15 years, the company provides a suite of agile tools for any brokerage operation through its flagship products AltimaCRM and AltimaIB. Intivion has also designed, developed and implemented large-scale CMS websites, linking forex CRM systems and MT4/5 trading platforms.

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