Former NBA All-Star Roy Hibbert Discusses Celtics-Cavaliers

The Boston Celtics earned their first win of the second round. They decimated the Cleveland Cavaliers on Tuesday night. Nonetheless, they still need to secure three more wins before advancing to the Eastern Conference Finals, where they will face either the Indiana Pacers or New York Knicks.

One player who knows what it’s like to face the Celtics (and represent the Pacers) is Roy Hibbert. The two-time All-Star and one-time All-Defensive Second Team selection has had his fair share of battles with the Celtics during his career. He was also a member of the Philadelphia 76ers team, where he consistently fell short of the current core.

Speaking on the latest episode of “The Celtics Chronicle” podcast, Hibbert shared his thoughts on the playoffs and the Celtics’ potential opponents in the next round.

“I think the Celtics would rather play Indiana because they like to move around the court and don’t worry too much about defense,” Thibodeau said. “As far as the Knicks are concerned, they play with seven players. (Tom Thibodeau) he wears them out. I worry about the longevity of the Knicks, who only play seven players, but he has these guys locked up.

In truth, the Celtics should have more than either of these teams can handle in a seven-game series. Joe Mazzulla’s team has been preparing to head to an NBA Finals all season. Much of that success came on the defensive end, where the Celtics shined with a stifling perimeter defensive system and elite rim protection.

Without Porzingis in the rotation, Hibbert believes the Celtics would have to double their offensive production.

“The offense is too good for what you’re doing on the other end. Don’t sacrifice offense for a little defense. Now, you see, a Joker in Denver will give up a layup, and he’s just approaching that thing as fast as hell. So, it’s like defense isn’t really a factor anymore. So I say, whatever you can do to keep the offense going, you do it.

The interview also touched on how “Nash’s” dribble can put a big man in a bind or force a paint change and lead to miscommunication, Aaron Nesmith’s growth in Indiana, why Luke Kornet is the ideal prototype for a big starter who doesn’t shoot. the NBA, and the importance of two-way players and how that can create leadership in the locker room.

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