Kevin Costner ribs Whoopi for taking the sight to break: we’re talking!

Kevin Costner had a message for “The View” sponsors Monday morning when Whoopi Goldberg had to send the show to a scheduled commercial break: “stand down.”

Appearing on the ABC talk show in support of his new film “Horizon: An American Saga,” Costner explained in detail why he wanted to make the film and what message he wanted to send with it. But the answer to that particular question was a long one, and as he finished, Whoopi received the signal to send the show to pause.

“Oh okay. It’s just that – yeah, OK,” Whoopi said, as she often does when she’s surprised by producers waving her off. But while she was trying to , Costner interjected.

“Take control of that Whoopi, honestly,” he joked. “Tell these sponsors to stand down, we’re talking!” »

The moment elicited a huge laugh from the table and audience, but the show nonetheless had a commercial break. The good news is they came back to talk more with Costner.

This wasn’t the first time a guest on “The View” responded directly to an outside interruption. Late last year, host Sunny Hostin’s phone rang in the middle of their interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

He immediately responded, “Tell them I’m not here!” »

“The View” airs weekdays at 11 a.m. ET on ABC.

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