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King Charles and David Beckham bonded over a mutual love of bees when the former England football captain was named an ambassador for the King’s Foundation.

Beckham met privately with the king at Highgrove, Charles’s retreat in Gloucestershire, to learn more about his work.

Beckham said: “It was inspiring to hear the King talk about the work of Her Majesty’s Foundation during my recent visit to Highgrove Gardens – and compare beekeeping tips! »

It came as Prince Andrew reportedly refused to leave the £30million Royal Lodge and became an increasingly isolated figure, who ‘spends his days watching TV in a dark room” of the ruined residence.

A friend of King Charles claimed life at Royal Lodge would become “increasingly cold and uncomfortable” for Andrew if he refused to hand over the keys.

The friend told The Times: “The only question now is when he will realize that he has become a prisoner of his own pride – and that handing over the keys will bring him far greater comfort and the continued support of his family. »


Kate wanted people to ‘see she was OK’ in cancer video

The harrowing images arrived in March after weeks of speculation over Kate’s fate after she stepped away from public duties for a planned abdominal operation.

The revelation was made by insiders Vanity Fair alongside the revelation that the princess has now “turned a corner” in her cancer treatment.

Barney DavisJune 2, 2024 12:01


David Beckham is delighted to work with the King’s Foundation

In photographs released to mark the announcement of his appointment as an ambassador for the King’s Foundation, David Beckham is shown trying out his carpentry skills with Foundation students taking part in carpentry classes at the Snowdon School of Furniture.

The foundation is the custodian of Highgrove Gardens and offers workshops, programs and short courses focusing on heritage and craft skills at its Barley Court education center on the estate.

Alongside its educational programs aimed at protecting traditional skills, the foundation, based at Dumfries House in East Ayrshire, aims to revitalize communities through urban regeneration and planning, support sustainable food production and teach about rural skills.

Beckham, who is the first ambassador appointed by the charity since Charles’ coronation, said: “I am delighted to be working with the King’s Foundation and to have the opportunity to help raise awareness of the charity’s work. I have always wanted to help young people broaden their horizons and I am particularly looking forward to supporting the foundation’s educational programs and its efforts to ensure young people have better access to nature.

The former footballer joins other ambassadors for the foundation such as The Repair Shop presenter Jay Blades, who represents building crafts, Alan Titchmarsh, horticulture, and Sarah Beeny, buildings and heritage.

The King at his Highgrove home with David Beckham, who has become an ambassador for the King’s Foundation (Courtney Louise Photography/PA) (Courtney Louise Photography)

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David Beckham exchanges beekeeping advice with King as he is appointed ambassador

David Beckham and the King compared their ‘beekeeping tips’ when they met before the former England football captain was named ambassador for the King’s Foundation.

The former sports star was confirmed as an official supporter of Charles’ charity weeks after reportedly meeting the monarch privately to find out more about his work.

In photographs released to mark the announcement, Beckham is pictured with the King at the gates of Highgrove, Charles’ retreat in Gloucestershire, and is seen trying out his carpentry skills with grassroots students taking part in courses in carpentry at the Snowdon School of Furniture.

Beckham said: “Having developed a love of the countryside, I am also on a personal mission to learn more about the rural skills that are so essential to the foundation’s work.

“It was inspiring to hear the King speak about the work of His Majesty’s Foundation during my recent visit to Highgrove Gardens – and compare beekeeping tips! »

Since reportedly purchasing a converted barn in the Cotswolds, Beckham has posted on social media about his beekeeping.

He uploaded an Instagram video to mark World Bee Day last year showing him working on a hive and in another post he is pictured next to a hive with the words ” Be nice and they will be calm.”

The King at his Highgrove home with David Beckham, who has become an ambassador for the King’s Foundation (Courtney Louise Photography/PA) (Courtney Louise Photography)

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Prince Andrew at odds with his brother King Charles over Royal Lodge

Prince Andrew is “not going anywhere” in his battle with the king over his royal residence, a source has claimed, as the royal feud between the siblings deepens.

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Duke of Westminster: billionaire Hugh Grosvenor ready for ‘corporate wedding of the year’ with William as usher

According to 2024 Sunday hours Rich List Hugh Grosvenor, 33, has a net worth of £10.127 billion – a substantial increase on the £9.878 billion he had in 2023.

However, he is set to lose his single status when he gets married in the society wedding of the year next month.

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Prince William appeared in the documentary Welcome to Wrexham

In the latest episode of the popular Disney+ series, Prince William made an unexpected visit to Wrexham AFC club to see an old friend.

“Prince William is here in Wrexham today because it’s St David’s Day, which is obviously the Welsh national holiday,” explained Humphrey Ker, executive director of Wrexham AFC.

“Only we don’t have a day off on St. David’s Day, which is a bit complicated!”

St. David’s Day, celebrated on March 1, is a day of widespread Welsh pride. It was also the day William, 41, met Wrexham AFC co-chairman Rob McElhenney at The Turf pub to join in the festivities.

“As the Prince of Wales, Prince William has to come and squeeze flesh and kiss babies and do all that kind of business that princes do,” Ker said. “For us it’s great that Wrexham Football Club and Wrexham as a whole have become a place that members of the Royal Family put on their itinerary when they come to visit Wales.”

It emerged that William and Ker had both attended Ludgrove School and Eton College. The prince remarked “it’s been a long time” during their warm handshake.

“I went to school with Prince William. I’ve known him since I was 7 or something,” Humphrey confessed. “We literally shared a room from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m.”

The Prince of Wales meets Wrexham AFC Chief Executive Humphrey Ker during a visit to Wrexham AFC’s The Turf public house (Pennsylvania)

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Prince Andrew must repaint Windsor House every five years

Prince Andrew must lick the Royal Lodge “with two coats of paint” every five years under the terms of his lease, and he is already a year late, according to reports.

The Duke’s 75-year lease agreement with the Crown Estate, which was signed in 2003 and has now been seen by The Times, states that he must “repair, renew, maintain, clean and maintain and, if necessary, rebuild ” the House.

He adds that he will have to repaint the exterior walls “with two coats of paint” every five years from 2008 – work which was due to be completed last year.

Prince Andrew of Great Britain

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Inside the Royal Lodge: Prince Andrew’s 30-room mansion he ‘refuses to leave’

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“A royal family shakeup is needed” – PR expert

King Charles was urged to ‘shake up the royal family’ by a PR expert after ‘the loss of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’.

Publicist Haddy Folivi spoke exclusively to GB News, saying the royal family needed to make drastic changes.

He claimed: “The royal family definitely needs a shake-up.

“With King Charles somewhat limited in what he can do in terms of work, there isn’t much Prince William and the Queen can do.

“The royals will therefore have to dip into the reserves and recruit more royals so that we, the taxpayers, feel like we are getting value for money.”

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Royal family removes Harry and Meghan’s statement from website

The royal family has removed a historic statement from its website confirming Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s relationship.

The statement, from Prince Harry’s spokesperson in 2016, confirmed the two were together and called for the “wave of abuse and harassment” Meghan faced to end.

He cited “racial undertones in the comments” and “outright sexism and racism from social media trolls and article comments across the web.”

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