LEGO Ideas 21349 Tuxedo Cat officially revealed

The LEGO Group has officially revealed the next LEGO Ideas set, 21349 Tuxedo Cat, based on a successful 10K submission by Damian Andres.

While Damian initially pitched a Siamese-Burmese cross, he later added a black and white version of his buildable cat to the project page – and it’s from this revision that 21349 Tuxedo Cat takes inspiration, offering a build that will likely have a wider appeal to pet owners everywhere than the more specific breed of Damian’s feline friend.

The final model has 1,710 pieces, including two separate sets of tiles for his eyes, so you can switch between blue and yellow. Moggy also has multiple points of articulation, including his neck, tail, mouth, ears and front legs, allowing you to fine-tune his pose. It doesn’t seem like you can radically change it from its standard seating configuration, though.

Damian’s original design – simply titled “Cat” – was initially submitted in December 2020 and reached the 10,000 supporter milestone in just under two years. It was then given the green light in the third revision of 2022. The release of 21349 Tuxedo Cat therefore marks the next chapter in what is already a long journey for this release.

21349 Tuxedo Cat will launch on and in LEGO Stores on June 1, 2024 and will apparently be available for pre-order starting today. It will cost £89.99 in the UK, $99.99 in the US and €99.99 in Europe.

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