Lego’s first Legend of Zelda set is a large 2,500-piece Deku tree

The Great Deku Tree from Breath of the Wild in Lego form.

The rumors were true: Lego is finally making a The Legend of Zelda together. The Great Deku Tree 2-in-1 features 2,500 pieces, is available for pre-order now for $299.99, and will begin shipping in September.

The set covers two different Zelda Games: Ocarina of time And Breath of the wild, allowing you to build the Great Deku Tree in green summer foliage or pink cherry blossoms in spring. It features several versions of Link, including Link as a child and an adult in Ocarina of timeThe Hero of Time green tunic by and Link in Breath of the WildChampion’s blue tunic.

According to Lego, the Great Deku Tree set will have interactive features, including the ability to animate the tree’s facial expressions. The set also includes a Skulltula, koroks, Hestu waving her iconic maracas, fairies and Princess Zelda herself.

Several Nintendo properties, including Animal crossing, MarioAnd Donkey Kong have received the Lego treatment in recent years. There’s pent-up demand: Lego rejected fan-submitted ideas for a Zelda-a thematic set for years, going as far as outright ban Zelda submissions in 2022 due to a “licensing conflict.” However, rumors regarding a responsible Zelda Lego sets started appearing in February last year.

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