MoneyGram announces partnership with Rashid Khan to promote services in Afghanistan and around the world

Fidel Rahmati

MoneyGram, a global leader in financial technology, on Tuesday announced a partnership with Afghan cricketer Rashid Khan.

This partnership aims to expand MoneyGram’s global presence and promote its services in Afghanistan and around the world.

The collaboration was made official during a signing ceremony in Ahmedabad, India.

“I am thrilled to announce my official support of the MoneyGram brand,” said Rashid.

“MoneyGram helps bring families together with fast, reliable global money transfers, and I’m excited to share more about MoneyGram with my many cricket fans around the world.” I look forward to our long-term partnership.

“MoneyGram helps bring families together through reliable and fast global money transfers,” added Rashid.

Rashid looks forward to sharing more on MoneyGram with his cricket fans around the world.

This partnership supports MoneyGram’s continued expansion in Afghanistan.

Senders in Europe, Canada and the United States can use MoneyGram Online or visit branches to send funds to Afghanistan.

Recipients in Afghanistan can collect funds from one of the company’s more than 200 agents.

“Rashid’s commitment to excellence aligns with MoneyGram’s values, with a focus on our best-in-class services,” said Sabrina Chan, Field Marketing Manager.

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