Neighbor Shares New Information About Missing Pennsylvania Alligator

A new timeline of events could help find Pennsylvania’s favorite emotional support alligator after he was gone for nearly three weeks.

PENNSYLVANIA, USA — Wally Gator was last seen by his owner in the early hours of April 21 during a trip to Brunswick, Georgia.

FOX43 spoke to a neighbor who said they spotted Wally in their yard a few days before he disappeared.

For privacy reasons, the neighbor asked not to reveal his identity.

Here is the timeline of events, according to the neighbor:

  • The neighbor heard about an alligator moving through the neighboring yards while he was at church that morning.
  • Upon arriving home around noon, the neighbor found an alligator on his property and two broken-in fence slats.
  • The neighbor called local police non-emergency, but was referred to the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and put in contact with a licensed trapper.
  • While waiting for the trapper to arrive, the neighbor and another person secured the alligator in a truck, giving it food and water.
  • After several hours of waiting, the other person contacted the trapper and arranged to meet him at a local gas station.
  • The trapper secured the alligator at the gas station, telling them it would be transferred to an undisclosed location and would not be euthanized.

FOX43 received a statement from the DNR confirming that a trapper did respond to a nuisance alligator call that day, but could not confirm if Wally was the removed alligator.

The DNR also said it is illegal in Georgia for unlicensed or licensed people to keep alligators in captivity, and no licenses are issued to have native wildlife as pets.

The neighbor says they told Wally’s owner, Joie Henney, what happened once they learned Wally was missing. Wally was then reported missing to Facebook followers on April 28.

It is still unconfirmed whether Wally escaped or was removed from his enclosure.

When asked to comment, Henney declined under the advice of his attorney, but said he would comment publicly again in the future.

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