Patrick Mahomes said if he loves Dallas so much, he should sign for the Cowboys to take them to the Super Bowl.

Kansas City Chiefs strategist Patrick Mahomes is forcibly linked to a move to the Dallas Cowboys thanks to his known support of Dallas-based teams since his childhood.

Mahomes is originally from Texas and grew up in Tyler, not far from Dallas. It is very common to see him actively supporting players like the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA and the Dallas Stars in the NBA. NHL.

Patrick Mahomes’ quiet golf game turns into Bronze and Sterling’s favorite playground

THE Nonconformists are currently in the Western Conference Finals and have a 3-0 lead over the Minnesota Timberwolvesand Mahomes was there to watch Game 3.

Mahomes was seen giving great support to PJ Washington for his play during the game at the American Airlines Center.

The QB also tweeted after the game: “The atmosphere was crazy tonight!”

Mahomes wasn’t the only member of the Chiefs in attendance, as Travis Kelce was also in attendance. Both attracted the attention of the public and the cameras.

Fans want Mahomes in Dallas

Every time Mahomes is seen supporting a Dallas team, Cowboys fans get excited about the prospect of him eventually leaving the Chiefs and trying to win the Super Bowl with them in Texas.

One fan responded to a Mavs tweet saying, “I like Dak (Prescott) but Mahomes better retire as a Dallas Cowboy,” to which another said, “Dak is in his last year but I doubt they’ll ever let Mahomes leave Kansas City.”

Right now, nothing from either the Chiefs or Mahomes himself suggests he wants to leave Kansas, but part of him must like the idea of ​​being a super bowl winner in Dallas.

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