Raising ticket prices to $174, Caitlin Clark urges fans to watch her live while giving flowers to Aliyah Boston

Many undermined what Caitlin Clark could do as a member of the Indiana Fever. However, it seems the world hasn’t given up on her yet. Its effect continues to attract more and more attention to the sport as for the first time in their history, the Fever sees their tickets increased by almost three times. At the same time, the NCAA’s all-time leading scorer presented her flowers to former Dawn Staley star Aliyah Boston.

Clark is excited to be a part of Team Fever alongside Boston. She says, “The organization really cares about women’s basketball. Obviously, playing with Aliyah… it lights up your eyes as a leader.

The WNBA will be an extension of his performance in college. Therefore, Clark also asked the public to buy their tickets now. She says, “Obviously, it’s the Midwest. Everyone knows this will be a tough ticket to get. So if you don’t have your tickets yet, you need to get them now.


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According to the Athletic, the team has only seen spikes under $20 over the years. But with Caitlin Clark, they will be selling this year’s tickets for the whopping price of $174. This number is $114 more than their last price of $60. According to other sources, they have already sold a large part of the tickets and therefore their availability is decreasing.

Certainly, Clark settled in Indiana before he even got there. But does its effect only last until tickets and views are sold? Certainly not!

A lesson on “Clarkonomy” of the Caitlin Clark effect

During the last two years of his raging mode, Clark was able to add a lot of value to his former team at Iowa. While many think that it cannot achieve the same thing as a professional hoop, that is not the case. In fact, the official Just Women’s Sports account on Instagram shared shocking data as soon as Fever announced Clark’s name.

As generational talent takes hold in Indianapolis, fans are running to collect Indiana products in Caitlin Clark’s name. How mind-boggling is it that in one hour they sold out all but one size of Calrk’s #1 Fever jersey?


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Another story also talked about Caitlin Clark bringing an estimated profit of at least $6 million to Indiana. She will achieve this by adding at least 26,000 fans to the Fever account. She has also increased her sales at local Indiana sports bars, where people watch her play and have fun together.


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The 2x Naismith POY has already ushered in a new era for the Indiana Fever. It will be something truly special if she continues to perform as well as she did with the Hawkeyes. In the meantime, she described her priority as follows: “To be myself.” She’s turned dust into gold, inspired millions of young girls around the world, and even made coaches like Kim Mulkey and Dawn Staley sweat. From one league to the next, Caitlin Clark has proven time and time again that she deserves all the attention she gets.

Do you think she can do much more once she hits the ground in her new jersey?

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