Report: Spurs won’t look to make big moves this summer

There was already more hype surrounding Spurs rookie Victor Wembanyama than anyone since LeBron James entered the league, but he still managed to exceed expectations, leading many to wonder how the Spurs should approach this offseason. ESPN’s Brian Windhorst and Adrian Wojnarowski said the Spurs shouldn’t waste time, and Jeff McDonald of San Antonio Express News suggested that anyone who thinks the Spurs won’t seek upgrades is sorely mistaken, but we now we have a new twist. .

Windhorst now says Spurs won’t will look to make any big moves or trades this summer and will instead focus on the 2025 NBA Draft, which is expected to be much more talented and deeper than 2024.

There is reason to take this seriously, as his “source” could be none other than Spurs general manager Brian Wright, as the two Brian Ws were recently seen chatting before their home game against the Knicks. (Of course, it’s also worth noting that Windhorst breathed another report that night, claiming that ball boys had gone into the stands to retrieve Jalen Brunson’s 61-point ball that Wemby had thrown into the stands, only to have to bring it back after being informed. Otherwise.)

This “news” will naturally provoke mixed reactions. This certainly makes it look like the Spurs are going to tank for a third straight year despite getting the ultimate franchise player last summer, and some fans may not be ready to put up with that again. (I’m not sure I am.) At the same time, with their improved play in recent months, there is now some intrigue as to what their current core of Wemby, Devin Vassell, Jeremy Sochan, Keldon Johnson and Tre Jones can do. after an entire season of playing together and building chemistry.

Of course, if you’re hoping the Spurs will make a splash in free agency, there may be a little reality check in store. Only Cedi Osman, Sandro Mamukelashvili and Dominck Barlow will be ruled out this summer, while Devonte’ Graham, Julian Champagnie and Charles Bassey are on partially guaranteed deals. Despite this, the Spurs would have the space to land a big free agent, but like the draft, this is also a somewhat weak free agency class, where big money would bring in either a player dominating the ball, or a veteran on the other side of the hill. neither would be ideal.

Finally, there is the idea of ​​making a big trade. Even though the Spurs have been linked to names that could be on the trading block like Trae Young and Donovan Mitchell, there’s still the question of long-term fit, not to mention what the Spurs would have to give up to get them . Johnson is their best bargaining chip, but what if teams want something more, like Vassell for example? The Spurs probably aren’t ready to part with him anytime soon, and as committed as the Spurs seem to be to building organically throughout the draft, how many of their picks are they willing to part with? There would be many things to consider.

If I had to guess, the Spurs will probably listen to the offers that come their way, think about it, and if something is too good to pass up and fits the schedule, they may go for it, but one thing they won’t . to do is to overreact. Otherwise, they’ll fill the gaps with role players who fill a need (like shooting), let their young players continue to grow, hope for a big finish in the 2025 draft, and then start moving up the rankings. (Basically Thunder’s patient approach.)

As easy as it is to panic at the thought of another “tank” season, remember, Wemby will only get better, and Gregg Popovich won’t be able to get away with stuff like Sochan’s experience next season because he now knows what he has on this current roster. Even if pretty much the same team returns next season, they SHOULD be decently better. Otherwise, they will still have the same possibilities to act next summer as today.

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