Ricki Lake, 55, claims her doctor was “pushing” Ozempic to lose weight as she reveals “it pissed her off” and prompted her to lose 35 POUNDS in seven months.

Ricki Lake has revealed she is in the “best shape” of her life after losing 35 pounds thanks to a “complete lifestyle change” after refusing her doctor’s suggestion to take Ozempic.

The TV star, 55, claimed her doctor told her she wouldn’t ‘succeed’ in losing weight without the controversial drug, which left her ‘pissed off’ and even more determined to lose weight weight with it. husband, Ross Burningham.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Good Morning America, Ricki explained: “The doctor was insistent, we were both overweight and he said you’re not going to be successful without it, that’s what he told me. said.

“I like a challenge and I like to prove people wrong, so that pissed me off,” she continued, before adding, “I was just reluctant and wanted to give it a try.” myself, so I said to my husband, “do you want to go on this ride with me?” and he said “of course”.

Ricki Lake claimed her doctor was “pushing” Ozempic on her so she could restart her weight loss.

Ricki and her husband, Ross Burningham, decided to make a complete lifestyle change and lose weight together.

The former talk show host has lost 35 pounds since last October and said she’s in the “best shape” of her life.

The couple began their weight loss journey with intermittent fasting and, along with the keto diet, exercise, Pilates and sleep tracking, Ricki has lost 35 pounds since last October, while Ross has lost almost 40 pounds.

“I feel the best I can in my life,” the mother of two said. “I have this new marriage and I am so happy with this amazing man, my perfect man.

“And if I point out one thing that wasn’t working in our lives, it’s that we were carrying this extra weight.”

“It’s been a commitment. It’s been a financial commitment, a time commitment, but it’s great. I am so happy and proud of us.

“It’s a lifestyle change and I’ve made it my job and it’s become my joy. I love it. I think it’s safe to say I’m in the best shape of my life .I say this is what happiness feels like. I could cry, I’m so happy.

Ross, who married Ricki in January 2022, praised his famous wife and said: “The dedication and…(she’s) like a dog with a bone.”

“She is tenacious. When she decides to do something, she goes all in and pursues it and it’s inspiring.

Clearly keen to show off the results of her lifestyle change, Ricki is getting over it and modeling old clothes – including a skimpy black and white dress she first wore in 2007.

Appearing in the GMA interview, Ross described his wife of two years as “tenacious.”

Ricki confirmed that she adopted intermittent fasting, the keto diet and Pilates in order to lose weight.

Ricki, pictured here in July 2018, has been very open about her weight struggles over the years.

And in February, she donned a red swimsuit she first wore 17 years ago for a magazine cover photoshoot.

“Yesterday and today,” she wrote in her caption as she showed off the results of her 30-pound perimenopausal weight loss transformation.

“I’ve kept this #NormaKamali one-piece for all these years wondering if I could ever wear it again,” she added.

The Hairspray star also wrote a series of motivational hashtags for her caption: “#nofilter #nomakeup #hardwork #this is 55 #grateful #strong #happy #healthy #proud.”

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