Roland-Garros 2024: Danielle Collins on overcoming ‘mind-numbing’ rain delays in Paris

Danielle Collins lifts the Miami Open trophy

American player Danielle Collins is having one of the best seasons of her life, after returning to the WTA top 10 and winning the biggest title of her career in Miami. In her second BBC Sport column from a wet French Open, Collins explains how she survives rain-disrupted days.

The rain disrupted the last days of Roland-Garros and I find waiting to play on days like these to be mind-numbing.

On Wednesday, I was supposed to play my second round match against Serbian Olga Danilovic, but the match was canceled due to rain and postponed until Thursday.

I had a feeling I wouldn’t play based on the weather radar. I’m certainly not a meteorologist, but I’ve gotten pretty good at predicting probability.

I was lucky to find a couch to take a nap on. When I woke up, it was nice to see a fellow American watching TV in the same room.

We took advantage of the calm to chat for a few minutes, then I decided to resume part of my marathon training since my match had been canceled.

I got on the treadmill and did some interval training. Running has been a great outlet for me during monotonous days.

It made a big difference having my boyfriend, Bryan, at many of my tournaments this year.

His positive energy and calming attitude makes my good days great and my harder days a little less difficult by having him by my side.

It’s also nice to have my good friends Ben and Kim here to support me this week too. Kim is a lawyer and Bryan works at a life sciences and diagnostics company. So it’s really interesting to learn more about what they both do and the different projects they’re both working on.

Bryan suggested a new game for us and we had a good laugh playing “Pass The Pigs”.

On weeks when I travel alone and don’t have my loved ones here, the environment can be very different and extremely boring.

Often I find myself reading books or checking Pinterest for all the new kitchen and bathroom ideas I have in mind for when I retire at the end of this season and can spend more time at home next year!

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