Rumors in the Monaco paddock explain the logistical puzzle of two F1 teams | F1

Disrupted start for two F1 teams

There was an unwelcome distraction for McLaren and Alpine on Thursday as a tight turnaround from Imola and subsequent delays led to difficulties fitting their campers into the Monaco paddock. Both structures were still under construction as the day’s activities began, with McLaren’s TeamHub looking like a skeleton for much of Thursday. As a result, Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri’s press briefings were moved to television.

Due to the restrictive nature of the Monaco paddock, and unlike all other European races, a unique construction order is implemented. This way, teams can only start preparing when the team in front of them is ready. Sources informed that McLaren was particularly late arriving and setting up, which had knock-on effects for rival teams including Alpine.

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