Severe geomagnetic storm could trigger widespread auroras in Canada on Friday

Any change in the arrival time of this geomagnetic storm would affect the observation of Canada. An earlier arrival could favor Europe over Canada, while a later arrival could allow for more widespread viewing opportunities across the country.

A geomagnetic storm of this caliber could also produce auroras visible far south of the border. NOAA says the Northern Lights could be visible as far south as Alabama and northern California if the event peaks at the right time.

Clouds may obscure views in some areas

Sunlight is only part of the equation when it comes to spotting the Northern Lights. Where could clouds obscure the view?

The latest forecast for Friday evening paints a mixed picture across the country. Cloud cover may obscure views in parts of the East Coast, particularly for residents of St. John’s and Halifax.

A decent chance of clear skies could allow for fantastic views over a wide swath of Quebec, including the Montreal area, as well as much of southern Ontario. You’ll want to get away from the bright lights of the Greater Toronto Area for the best chance of seeing the colors dance in the night sky.

Farther west, aurora watchers may find their luck among patchy clouds expected to blanket northern Ontario and parts of Manitoba.

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