Size of Jaime Munguia: Oscar De La Hoya reveals a “big” secret

The boxing community is on a roll. The embers of the great Ryan GarciaDevin Haney The cards have barely cooled, and the sport is already looking at another major headliner coming next week. Of course, two weeks later there is a fierce battle between Tyson Fury And Alexander Ousyk for the undisputed heavyweight title. But next Saturday it could be Jaime MunguiaIt’s night. It’s the Tijuana-born boxer’s turn to claim the undisputed super middleweight crown, long held by Canelo Alvarez. Promoter of Munguia, Oscar De La Hoyaseems rather optimistic about his protégé’s prospects on May 4.

However, De La Hoya could still remain tight-lipped about the details of the young boxer’s training. However, a journalist pushed him to reveal some inside details about Jaime Munguia. The Olympic gold medalist and former world champion casually let slip a previously unknown detail. However, after hearing about it, many fans might be left scratching their heads. They may be trying to understand its relevance to the Cinco de Mayo opener.

Jaime Munguia: Feet in the dark


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A few days ago, boxing journalist Kristina Snow shared a short video via an Instagram post. This was an interesting interaction during Jaime Munguia’s media workout. Oscar De La Hoya had also joined the former welterweight champion as a Hall of Fame trainer. Freddie RoachIt is Wild Card Boxing Club in Los Angeles, California. Snow wanted to know an important fact about Jaime Munguia that most fans and followers weren’t aware of. “Oscar, what don’t people know about Jaime Munguia?She asked. Taking a few seconds to think, “The Golden Boy” then replied, “He has a big foot.»

Now it was the protagonist’s turn to face the music. As if nothing had happened, with a smile on his face, Jaime Munguia replied that it should only be size ’12-13′ US. Amidst all the chatter and the sound of a trumpet in the background, Kristina Snow once again returned to Oscar De La Hoya. “The Golden Boy” was saying something to Munguia, deeply immersed in his shadow-boxing spectacle in the center of the ring. Snow asked, “He looks much bigger than Canelo.” De La Hoya replied: “Huge…huge,» but he quickly added: “and very light on his feet; La Pluma.”

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For a man of his size, having a light foot against a very explosive boxer like Canelo Alvarez could prove to be an advantage. But the size of the foot? Now where does this fit in? Jaime Munguia is the fourth challenger to Alvarez’s belt. Only time will tell if he can do a better job than Gennady Golovkin And Jermell Charlo.

Chances for real


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Under Freddie Roach, Munguia, known for his hard chin, seems to have improved many of his techniques, such as his head movements. He had the opportunity to test his new learning when he faced John Ryder in January this year. The English boxer challenged Canelo Alvarez last year. However, the Mexican icon found things difficult and was only able to secure a victory thanks to the scoreboard. But Munguia shocked everyone by scoring a resounding victory, stopping Ryder in the ninth round of their fight.

The triumph made Munguia the favorite among a long list of boxers eager to fight one of the biggest names in boxing. But it also highlighted his flexibility in learning new skills. Combined with his size and talent for offensive play, new methods and tactics made him a complete boxer. One, ready to take on what could be the toughest challenge of his professional career.

As a former world champion and now a boxing analyst Timothy Bradley rightly pointed out in one broadcast, “Munguia is everything Canelo Alvarez wanted the fans to be. I’ll let you know right now, he is the embodiment of Mexican boxing..”


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It will be too early for anyone claiming Canelo Alvarez has an easy fight in hand on May 4. Given his youth, size and skill set, Jaime Munguia could usurp an upset, just like Ryan Garcia did last week.

Between Canelo Alvarez and Jaime Munguia, who will you choose for victory on May 4? Please share your views with us in the comments below.

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