Steve Kerr makes unexpected statement about Austin Reaves

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The Golden State Warriors need to make some changes to their roster this summer, but they also need internal improvements from their young pieces. Rookies Trayce Jackson-Davis and Brandin Podziemski have spent a lot of time in Steve Kerr’s rotation this season, and progress on those two next season would go a long way in helping the Warriors improve.

Speaking to reporters, Kerr drew some comparisons between Podziemski and Los Angeles Lakers guard Austin Reaves.

β€œHe’s a different player than Austin Reaves, but I see similarities,” Kerr said of Podziemski. “I just coached Austin last year at the World Cup. They are similar in size, they are both much stronger and faster than they look on the pitch. Part of that is due to because their playing speed is very high. They can’t do it.” well in the 40s, but their speed of play, because of their reaction or their proactivity on the court, both guys have a lot to do with their games, I think they shot 32 percent from three during their first year, then pulled up to approx. 40. I think most players in their second or third year, who are already pretty good shooters, make great progress because the game slows down.

Kerr said he’s already talked to Podziemski about becoming more of a catch-and-shoot threat, which will help his game develop and also help the Warriors when he’s on the court.

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