Survivor 45’s Drew Basile is competing on Jeopardy!

Drew Basile Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor 45It is Drew Basile exchange the beaches of Fiji for Alex Trebek scene.

“I am officially playing super champion Adriana Harmeyer tomorrow evening Danger», wrote Basile, 23, via X on Tuesday June 18, alongside a photo of him and Ken Jennings. “She’s 15-0 on reality TV, I’m 0-1…. Everyone loves an underdog. »

Basile will face current champion Harmeyer on Wednesday June 19. On Tuesday, Harmeyer made a Danger! a milestone by winning their 15th consecutive match. So far, his total winnings have reached a total of $349,600.

at Basil’s Danger! His appearance makes him the first surviving player to participate in the beloved trivia game. While Basil is the first Survivor former to appear on the show, Danger! shared another reality series connection earlier this season. Former champion Juveria Zaheer is the older sister of Omar Zaheerwho competed on Survivor 42 in 2022. Juveria won the Second Chance tournament, earning a spot in the Champions Wildcard. She won a prize of $70,800.

Survivor Fans will recognize Basile from season 45, where he came in sixth place. He was the youngest player to compete this season. Basil formed an alliance with Dee Valladares, Austin Li Coon And Allée Julie “Mama J”who they nicknamed the Reba 4. Basile served as the group’s strategist as they outsmarted and outplayed their way to the Final 6.

While Basile and Alley, 50, failed to make it to the final tribal council, their allies made it all the way to the end with Valladares, 27, earning the title of sole survivor.

After learning that Basile was going to compete on Danger! Li Coon, 27, sent a few words of encouragement to his friend.

“LET’S GO DREW!!!!!!! The smartest to ever play Survivor LFG,” Li Coon wrote via X on Wednesday.

Basile had an impressive CV in the beginning Survivor which should help him during Danger!. In his pre-season interview, Basile revealed that he was the captain of his trivia team that won a national trivia championship in 2019. He also shared that he competes in competitive Scrabble tournaments.

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The Ivy League graduate described himself as one of the smartest people to ever play the game. Survivor. During tribal councils or confessionals, Basil expressed his love of literature and provided countless analogies.

From Survivor 45, Basile returned to school. He is currently pursuing his master’s degree in English literature at the University of Oxford in England.

“Haters called me a know-it-all,” Basile wrote via Instagram in June before his Jeopardy! appearance. “It’s time to prove them right.”

Danger! airs on ABC at 7 p.m. local time.

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