Texas restaurant feeds Mavs and Celtics during NBA Finals – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

The Dallas Mavericks and Boston Celtics took the court before Game 3 of the NBA Championship Finals at the American Airlines Center on Wednesday, but ensuring these elite athletes perform at their best goes a long way. beyond the field.

Every organization carefully prepares each player to be well-rested and well-fed in case of alert, and that’s where boss Alban Besiri’s game plan comes into play.

“I get up early, I go to the market, I come to the restaurant, I go back to the market,” Besiri said with a smile. “We’re going to be very busy. We cook for the Mavericks, we cook for the Celtics and we’re very humbled and humbled to be able to get this recognition for our restaurant.”

Besiri and his wife Gena opened Enoteca Italia in Oak Lawn during the pandemic and have seen growing success.

The husband-and-wife-run restaurant has been selected to prepare pre- and post-game meals for NBA teams on several occasions.

The chef attributes his success to the quality of his food and the relationships previously established in Dallas and Chicago.

My plan of action is to get in the kitchen, prepare their meals and make sure it’s perfect

Chef Alban Besiri, Enoteca Italia

The Celtics organization recently contacted Besiri to advise that the team had requested his food again before Wednesday’s game.

“Of all these restaurants, we’re lucky,” Besiri said.

Enoteca Italia will feed the Celtics on Wednesday and the Mavs on Friday.

“You have to be very detail-oriented and know all the allergies and specifications, which comes with years of cooking, taking care of food and making sure you go to the farmers market to pick your own vegetables.”

The Celtics’ menu features carbs and plenty of protein – from roast chicken and handmade pastas to bruschetta and protein-rich meatballs.

Besiri closely monitors players’ specific preferences and any allergies.

“Top secret, absolutely,” Besiri said. “Otherwise I won’t receive their orders.”

Feeding both teams with protein and carbohydrates is a winning game plan for Enoteca Italia.

“This is a family business. We work very hard to provide great food and great service and ultimately you will get noticed. So as long as you keep working, you will get there,” Besiri said.

Preparing meals for the team does not interfere with day-to-day business. The Oak Lawn Avenue restaurant will remain open to the public Wednesday.

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