Tornado touches down without warning from the NWS

“There was no alert. We didn’t know anything.”

MONROE COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – While many people were able to sleep in this holiday morning, some in Monroe County woke up early to the sound of thunder.

A resident woke up to broken glass in her bedroom window… from the winds of a suspected tornado in her backyard.

Despite a clear indication that a tornado was on the ground here on Pickle Road, the National Weather Service did not issue a tornado warning. And the people who live here want to know why.

“There was no alert. we didn’t know anything. Nothing happened. I didn’t understand that.

Mrs. Betty was sound asleep when she heard a bedroom window shattering due to intense wind.

“Luckily the glass that came in didn’t pass through my

“I actually went running to the bathtub, me and my little dog. I didn’t know when it would be over or what was happening.

It was too late.

Our chief meteorologist Issac Williams spotted the tornadic debris signature around 4:40 a.m.

“…we may have just had a tornado east of Lackey…”

A tornado touched down without warning from the National Weather Service.

“It’s our debris detector. What I’ve circled here is a relative minimum in the correlation coefficient. Now we also need to align this with speed and reflectivity, but all of these products match and seem to suggest that there could have been a brief tornado.

Isaac asked the National Weather Service in Memphis if they thought it was a tornado debris signature.

“They said they don’t think it was a tornado, but they’re going to look at the radar data and possibly make a different decision at a later date.”

Mrs. Betty’s family lives 400 meters away.

They all mobilized to begin clearing fallen trees before the next wave of severe weather hit.

You can see that this pile of debris is taller than me and I’m five feet five inches tall. Surprisingly, Mrs. Betty’s yard was the only area of ​​Pickle Road that was so badly affected.

Mrs. Betty and her dog left unharmed.

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