Trader Joe’s mania: New $3.99 product resold on eBay for $100

The Trader Joe’s craze is once again gripping the country: a simple $4 insulated tote bag is being resold on eBay for up to $100.

The supermarket chain launched the Mini Insulated Tote in its stores on June 4 for a mere $3.99, but it’s already flying off the shelves as social media users are whipped into a frenzy.

In several stores in California, the viral product is completely sold out, according to SF Gate.

The item, available in teal or magenta, will be available for a limited time at all Trader Joe’s stores in the United States.

Trader Joe’s launched a new product in all of its stores nationwide on June 4. The $3.99 item is already sold out at more than one store in California.

The retail chain sells mini insulated tote bags available in magenta and teal. Consumers who purchased these bags are now reselling them on eBay for up to $100.

The mini cooler bags are not available for purchase on the store’s website, but an Instagram user who runs a Trader Joe’s fan page wrote in a June 2 post that they were “popping up” in stores. stores.

The product is similar to Trader Joe’s Large Reusable Cooler Bag, available for purchase online or in-store for $7.99.

The 1.5 gallon tote is suitable for consumers who need a bag to keep their food and drinks hot or cold.

However, it’s also good for eBay sellers looking to earn up to $100.

An eBay user who ships items from New York has listed the magenta and teal mini insulated tote bags on the website for $99.99, which also come with free stickers.

The same person created another eBay listing featuring the magenta and teal mini insulated tote bags with stickers, except she’s willing to sell them for $79.99.

The bags have proven popular due to sellouts at some stores, but their resale prices are similar to the big online price increases for Trader Joe’s tote bags launching in March 2024.

Cooler bags go on sale, priced up to $99

A listing for a magenta insulated mini tote that an eBay user is listing for $99 has been viewed more than 370 times in the past 24 hours.

Trader Joe’s launched mini canvas tote bags in all of its stores nationwide in March.

Less than a week later, customers were reselling them on online marketplaces.

The small bags, available in red, blue, yellow and green, were available for purchase at Trader Joe’s for just $2.99.

The canvas bags caused a frenzy on social media, and by March 10, hundreds of them were listed on eBay, with prices ranging from $5 to nearly $500.

“Our mini canvas tote bags have definitely sold out faster than expected,” Nakia Rohde, a spokesperson for Trader Joe’s, told SFGate.

“Our customers, in our stores, are our priority; We do not endorse the resale of any of our products anywhere.

Coincidentally, the eBay user who has two listings for mini insulated totes is also selling a yellow canvas mini tote for $29.50.

Instagram users have since left comments about the bag and its availability.

The insulated mini tote craze is similar to the aftermath of Trader Joe’s limited-edition mini canvas bag release in March

One Instagram called insulated bags “the next big thing” at Trader Joe’s and compared the shopping line to Black Friday.

“There was a queue this morning at 8:00 and it was full by 8:06. We didn’t get any,” she wrote.

Another California commenter claimed that the mini insulated bags were “sold out” 10 minutes after the store opened.

“My store sold out in 15 minutes. There were 40 people in line before the store opened. There is so much stock on eBay at high prices,” one commenter wrote on Instagram yesterday.

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