US Air Force Band of the West Holds Independence Day Concert

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) – The United States Air Force Band of the West celebrated Independence Day with a concert at the Rosa Theatre.

“I joined the Air Force 12 years ago because I really wanted to find a way to serve my country, and this was a great way to do it. Military music has been a part of our heritage since the Revolutionary War, and this is a great way for us to rally the troops, work with the community and honor our veterans,” said Maj. Justin Lewis.

Lewis, who is also the band’s manager, says the group is ready to perform its music for the audience’s enjoyment.

“We have a little something for everyone, we have some great traditional fireworks music, we play the 1812 Overture, we play some country, some Broadway, some folk music. So we try to have something for everyone in the audience. So no matter who you have, they’re going to say they really enjoyed the show,” Lewis said.

The band is not only there for the music, but also to help introduce people to the Air Force.

“First of all, there aren’t a lot of people working in the Department of Defense in that particular area. We want to provide feedback and educate people about the Air Force and let them know about the 200 different types of jobs they can have in the Air Force,” Maj. Lewis said.

The band says they are happy to be able to play in a community that cares about them.

“We want to thank this community for supporting America’s men and women in uniform. We have a lot of great military members who come from here, so we come back to thank them,” Lewis said.

Many celebrate Independence Day as the country’s “birthday,” but it’s also a great time to honor those who have served this country.

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