USA Wrestling releases men’s freestyle Olympic team pre-selections

USA Wrestling Releases Olympic Team Trials Men

USA Wrestling has released the pre-rankings and preliminary brackets for the men’s freestyle divisions at the 2024 Olympic team trials.

2024 Olympic Trials Watch Party

All media and seeds are subject to change, and any necessary revisions will be made after weigh-ins.

57 kilograms

Challenge Tournament

1. Zane Richards (WC Illini/Titan Mercury WC)

2. Thomas Gilman (Nittany Lion WC/Titan Mercury WC)

3. Daton Fix (Cowboy WC/Titan Mercury WC)

4. Spencer Lee (Hawkeye WC/Titan Mercury WC)

5. Nico Megaludis (Pitt WC/Titan Mercury WC)

6. Nick Suriano (Sunkist Children’s Toilet)

7. Liam Cronin (Nebraska WTC)

8. Daniel DeShazer (Gopher WC-RTC)

9. Luke Lilledahl (X-Calibur athletics CM)

10. Jax Forrest (Bishop McCourt)

11. Marcus Blaze (CM of Perrysburg)

57kg Olympic Trials Rack

65 kilograms

Challenge Tournament Semi-Final

Zain Retherford (Nittany Lion WC/Titan Mercury WC)

Challenge Tournament

1. Nick Lee (Nittany Lion WC/Titan Mercury WC)

2. Yianni Diakomihalis (Spartan Combat RTC/Titan Mercury WC)

3. James Green (Nebraska WTC/Titan Mercury WC)

4. Andrew Alirez (Northern Colorado RTC/Titan Mercury WC)

5. Beau Bartlett (Nittany Lion WC/Titan Mercury WC)

6. Joseph McKenna (Pennsylvania RTC/Titan Mercury WC)

7. Kaleb Larkin (Sunkist Children’s Toilet)

8. Seth Gross (Wisconsin RTC/Sunkist Kids WC)

9. Alec Pantaleo (Cliff Keen WC/Titan Mercury WC)

10. Matthew Kolodzik (New Jersey RTC/New York AC)

11. Jesse Mendez (Ohio RTC/Titan Mercury WC)

12. Nahshon Garrett (Lehigh Valley CM/Titan Mercury CM)

65kg Olympic Trials Rack

74 kilograms

Best-of-three championship series

Kyle Dake (Nittany Lion WC/Titan Mercury WC)

Challenge Tournament

1. Jordan Burroughs (Pennsylvania RTC/Sunkist Kids WC)

2. Jason Nolf (Nittany Lion WC/Titan Mercury WC)

3. Quincy Monday (New Jersey RTC/Titan Mercury WC)

4. Mitchell Mesenbrink (Nittany Lion WC/Titan Mercury WC)

5. Meyer Shapiro (Spartan Combat RTC)

6. Vincenzo Joseph (Sunkist children’s toilet)

7. Alex Marinelli (Hawkeye WC/Titan Mercury WC)

8. Alex Facundo (Nittany Lion WC/Titan Mercury WC)

9. Levi Haines (Nittany Lion WC/Titan Mercury WC)

10. Tyler Berger (Pennsylvania RTC/Sunkist Kids WC)

11. Jarrett Jacques (Tiger style WC)

12. Ladarion Lockett (WC Cowboy)

74kg Olympic Trials Rack

86 kilograms

Best-of-three championship series

David Taylor (Nittany Lion WC/Titan Mercury WC)

Challenge Tournament Semi-Final

Zahid Valencia (Sunkist children’s toilet)

Challenge Tournament

1. Aaron Brooks (Nittany Lion WC/Titan Mercury WC)

2. Chance Marsteller (New York RTC/Titan Mercury WC)

3. Trent Hidlay (Wolfpack RTC/Titan Mercury WC)

4. Alex Dieringer (Cliff Keen WC/Titan Mercury WC)

5. Mark Hall (Pennsylvania RTC/Titan Mercury WC)

6. Carter Starocci (Nittany Lion WC/Titan Mercury WC)

7. Maxwell Dean (Nittany Lion WC/Titan Mercury WC)

8. David McFadden (Pennsylvania RTC/Titan Mercury WC)

9. Connor Mirasola (Askren Wrestling Academy)

10. Evan Wick (SoCal RTC/Titan Mercury WC)

11. Patrick Downey (Sanford MMA)

86kg Olympic Trials Rack

97 kilograms

Best-of-three championship series

Kyle Snyder (Nittany Lion WC/Titan Mercury WC)

Challenge Tournament

1. J’den Cox (Cliff Keen WC/Titan Mercury WC)

2. Isaac Trumble (Wolfpack RTC/Titan Mercury WC)

3. Michael Macchiavello (Lehigh Valley CM/Titan Mercury CM)

4. Kollin Moore (Ohio RTC/Titan Mercury WC)

5. Nathan Jackson (New Jersey RTC/New York AC)

6. Jonathan Aiello (Cavalier WC/Titan Mercury WC)

7. Eric Schultz (Nebraska WTC)

8. Anthony Cassioppi (Hawkeye WC/Titan Mercury WC)

9. Christian Carroll (Cowboy WC/Titan Mercury WC)

97kg Olympic Trials Rack

125 kilograms

Best-of-three championship series

Mason Parris (Cliff Keen WC/Titan Mercury WC)

Challenge Tournament

1. Hayden Zillmer (Gopher WC-RTC)

2. Nick Gwiazdowski (Spartan Combat RTC/Titan Mercury WC)

3. Greg Kerkvliet (Nittany Lion WC/Titan Mercury WC)

4. Dominique Bradley (Sunkist children’s toilet)

5. Wyatt Hendrickson (Air Force RTC)

6. Christian Lance (Sunkist children’s toilet)

7. Gary Traub (Cowboy WC/Titan Mercury WC)

8. Demetrius Thomas (Pitt WC)

9. Trent Hillger (Gopher WC-RTC)

10. Jaron Smith (Orange Crush)

125kg Olympic Trials Rack

U.S. Olympic Wrestling Trials Schedule and Brackets

Click here to view the full event program and materials.

USA Wrestling Trials Racks

Men’s Freestyle Preliminary Brackets at the 2024 Olympic Team Trials

Women’s Freestyle Preliminary Brackets at the 2024 Olympic Team Trials

2024 Olympic wrestling qualifications

For an updated list of everyone qualified for the 2024 Olympics, click here.

How to watch the 2024 Olympic wrestling trials

Live coverage from all four mats of the U.S. Olympic Team Trials will air on Peacock April 19-20.

The broadcast will begin on Friday, April 19 with Session 1 at 10 a.m. ET.

When are the US Olympic Trials?

The U.S. Olympic Trials will take place over two days, April 19-20, in State College, Pennsylvania.

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