Video: Cabaret Tony winner Tom Scutt explains how stage design can ‘attract new audiences’

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Video: Cabaret Tony Winner, Tom Scutt, explains how scenography can “attract new audiences”

Take a look at what he had to say about the 2024 Tony Award for Best Scenic Design in a Musical.

Designer Tom Scutt won the 2024 Tony Award for Best Scenic Design in a Musical for his work in Broadway’s Cabaret at the Kit Kat Club. Scutt’s stage design in the revival musical transformed the August Wilson into an intoxicating nightclub in 1920s Berlin, where the world of Cabaret sets the scene.

“For me, it’s the spaces that are important. The spaces are what we should be thinking about. I think we need to think about how we change our spaces to attract new audiences. For theater to meet other art forms, merges and merges and breaks the forms,” says Scutt. “And so… winning for this and for this idea, it’s so affirming and very inspiring to continue to move forward with this idea.”

Check out everything Scutt had to say after winning the award in the video above!

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