Viral Video Shows Meteorite Crossing Portugal and Spain, Internet Goes Crazy

Several videos have circulated on the Internet showing a giant meteorite crossing the skies of Spain and Portugal on Saturday. There has been no official confirmation regarding the meteorite. However, several social media users shared images and videos of the sky lit up with bright blue light due to the meteorite.

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Shortly after a few visuals began circulating on the internet, social media sparked various reactions. Many users expressed astonishment, while others were simply stunned.

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“Wow, that was impressive, so brilliant!” From the color it appears to be made of magnesium,” one user commented on the image posted on Reddit.

“This is where I’m weird.” the person filming it probably missed seeing it. Thank you for your service.” another user wrote.

“This green glow matches that of meteorites,” another user wrote.

“UNREAL!! MASSIVE meteor sighting over Portugal! Seeing a sequence like this is a once-in-a-lifetime event! Unclear if it hit Earth and became a meteorite! Also seen on hundreds Wow,” wrote one X user while sharing videos of the event.

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What is a meteorite?

Meteorites are fragments of space rocks that can pass through Earth’s atmosphere and reach the ground. Most meteorites come from asteroids, which are rocky bodies located in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Some come from comets, composed of ice, dust and rocky material. Rarely, meteorites can come from the Moon or Mars.

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According to the CGN website, the Civil Protection website has issued an alert indicating a possible fall of a meteorite in the Castro Daire region, Viseu district. The sudden and intense flash of blue light in the sky stunned people. While many people were worried about possible damage. The episode of bright light was followed by a distant rumble that shook the stillness of the night.

Shortly after the incident, firefighters were immediately mobilized to the scene to prepare for any untoward incident, according to a CGN report. Despite any official confirmation, the incident has sparked widespread interest on social media, with several people sharing videos and photos online.

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Published: May 19, 2024, 08:16 IST

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