Whoopi Goldberg’s producer daughter Alex Martin, 51, insists she is NOT a nepo baby – and claims she had to audition for her role in her mum’s film Sister Act 2′ like everyone”.

Whoopi Goldberg’s only child insisted she wasn’t a ‘nepo baby’ despite her Oscar-winning mother having an estimated net worth of $60 million – which she recently admitted that she would leave it to her daughter.

Alex Martin, 51, born in May 1974 during Whoopi’s first marriage to a drug counselor named Alvin Martin, appeared on The View Wednesday morning where her famous mother got emotional as she marked Sister Act’s 30th anniversary 2: Back in the Habit.

Alex, who has three children of her own, had a small role in the hit 1993 film as one of the schoolboys – but now reveals she didn’t get the part simply because of the the identity of his mother.

As Sunny Hostin, Sara Haines and Alyssa Farah Griffin interviewed the cast of Sister Act 2, Sunny, 55, turned her attention to Alex and said, “You heard all these people talking about your mom…so, you can be Whoopi’s daughter but you’re saying there wasn’t a nepo baby situation when you got this role?’

Alex replied, “No, there wasn’t!” » before adding: “I heard you talking about this baby nepo thing… I haven’t experienced that yet, what do you think?” as the actors and hosts burst into laughter.

Whoopi Goldberg’s daughter Alex Martin appeared on The View on Wednesday and insisted she’s not a ‘nepo baby’

Whoopi, who is worth an estimated $60 million, recently admitted she would leave “everything” to her daughter when she died.

The term “baby nepo” was coined online and describes the offspring of celebrities who land easily in the world of showbiz.

Referring to the film’s music supervisor, Marc Shaiman, Alex then confirmed: “Yes, I auditioned like everyone else. I’m glad Marc isn’t there because I don’t look like them when I sing!

“But it was a very interesting experience and I realized I wasn’t good at auditioning, that’s what I know, but other than that, I got the job!” she added.

Her comments come after Whoopi revealed she would leave “everything” to Alex in her will.

During an episode of The View last month, Whoopi was discussing Recent comments from Jeff Goldblum about how he doesn’t want his two children dependent on his $40 million fortune, as she confirmed exactly where his money would go.

Mocking Jeff, 71,’s admission of “not wanting” to help his children “row their boat”, she said: “Well, you’re going to do it for them for a while because your kids are very young ! I mean, you’re not deleting them now, are you?

She then turned to the panel and said, “So how far do you go to get kids to find their own path?” Celebrities like Ashton Kutcher and Gordon Ramsay said they had no plans to leave money to their children…’, then burst out laughing.

The Sister Act star then joked, “Yeah, okay, that’s what the courts are for!” before adding: “One of the big answers is that children learn by what they see. My mother worked behind it and that’s why I feel the way I feel and I leave my child everything I have!’

Alex admitted she had to audition “like everyone else” for her role in Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit.

Alex has often been by his mother’s side at red carpet events and award ceremonies. The duo are pictured here in October 2019

Whoopi pictured with her daughter Alex and two of her grandchildren, Mason and Jerzey, in 2006

Her comments come after she wrote about Alex in her memoir Bits and Pieces: My Mother, My Brother And Me, and claimed her daughter became pregnant as a teenager in order to get “revenge” on her for having been so absent after her film. career took off.

In a chapter of her book, Whoopi revealed how Alex told her she “wanted a person in her life who didn’t know who Whoopi Goldberg was.”

Whoopi, who was 19 when she gave birth in May 1974, previously admitted she chose her acting career over her daughter because she thought her chance at fame “wouldn’t happen again” – and she develops this in more detail in her new book.

Confirming that it was her own mother, Emma Johnson, who was in the delivery room when Alexandrea gave birth in 1989, Whoopi writes: “Years later, Alex told me she thought she was got pregnant when she was a teenager because she wanted someone in her arms.” his life who didn’t know who Whoopi Goldberg was.

“I thought she wanted revenge for my absence. I got it,” Whoopi continues, before adding that when she initially asked her daughter if she was sure she would keep her baby, she replied, “‘Yes, I want to have this baby. And this baby will love me, and she won”I don’t know you.”

“To some it might seem harsh, but I get it,” Whoopi says. “You see, people were taking my child away without even realizing they had done it. After a while, it really got on her nerves.

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