Jessica Alba Shares Her Secret to a Happy Marriage (Exclusive)

Jessica Alba, Cash Warren

After 16 years of marriage, Jessica Alba has learned a thing or two about keeping things in harmony with her husband Cash Warren.

The actress and business mogul, 43, admits that she and entrepreneur Warren, 45, always try to make each other a priority. “It’s something you really have to make a choice about,” she tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue. “We really have to find time to make time for each other.”

Jessica Alba and Cash Warren.

Jessica Alba/Instagram

Even when their schedules are busy, they always make a break for each other. “Going through the motions of everyday life is what it is, but it’s important to know that we have to be a priority, and to take advantage of these moments to see each other and laugh and not be on the phone and just actually . connect.”

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For Alba, it’s also important in her marriage to keep things in perspective. “Every time we ebb or flow, we look around and say, ‘Actually, worst case scenario, I’m always better off with you,'” she admits. “You have to look up and say, ‘Would my life be better if we weren’t together?’ And every time, it’s ‘No.’

Jessie Alba with her family.

Jessica Alba/Instagram

With three children together, Honor, 16, Haven, 12, and Hayes, 6, spending time with family is also essential. “We went to Monster Jam, and the girls and I were out of our element, but Hayes was so excited to show us everything. He knew all the cars, all the drivers, and all the stats,” Alba adds. “Having this 6-year-old guy, who we almost always bring into our environment, feel so confident was the cutest thing ever.”

Now starring in the new Netflix action film, Trigger warningas a knife-wielding special forces commando with impressive combat skills, Alba, who left her post as creative director of Honest Company in April, is looking forward to focusing on entertainment” and other industries that fascinate me,” she says.

Ursula Coyote/Netflix

“Honest (Company) is like my fourth baby; I feel like I sent him to college. So for now, I’m just absorbing what brings me joy and putting my energy into things that make me happy – and nourish my soul.”

Trigger warning premieres on Netflix June 21.

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