LEGO flower sets are on sale for Mother’s Day

LEGO Cherry Blossoms

Mother’s Day arrives on Sunday, May 12. It’s less than a week away. If you regularly consider flowers as a gift for mom, this year why not try something that lasts longer? Right now, Amazon is offering 20% ​​off select LEGO flower sets, and they all have a good chance of arriving before Mother’s Day.

LEGO flower deals

LEGO Icons Wildflower Bouquet Set

Set #10313 includes 939 pieces.

LEGO Cherry Blossoms

Set #40725 includes 430 pieces.

Bouquet of flowers LEGO icons

Set #10280 includes 756 pieces.

Orchid LEGO icons

Set #10311 includes 608 pieces.

LEGO Icons Succulents

Set #10309 includes 771 pieces.

Bonsai Tree LEGO Icons

Set #10281 includes 878 pieces.

LEGO Icons Small Plants

Set #10329 includes 758 pieces.

LEGO Daffodils

Set #40747 includes 216 pieces.

LEGO Icons Dried Flower Centerpiece

Set #10314 includes 812 pieces.

These are all great sets that offer more creativity than you usually find with LEGO sets. You can arrange them pretty much any way you want. You can put the bouquet of flowers in a real vase and make it look exactly the way you want; it doesn’t require water or anything. Each set is modeled after a specific theme. My favorite is the LEGO wildflower bouquet. It has the greatest variety of colors and shapes and has the greatest number of bricks. I also love the LEGO Cherry Blossom set. It’s priced under $10, it looks beautiful, it’s easy to assemble, and it’s by far the best value in terms of price per brick. These two LEGO flower sets weren’t discounted on Mother’s Day last year either. If your mom isn’t the type who wants the traditional colorful bouquet, there are plenty of other options like LEGO bonsai or LEGO orchids.

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