Ricki Lake poses in a 2007 dress and details her weight loss

Ricki Lake is celebrating her weight loss by partying like it’s 2007.

The former talk show host, 55, posed in the same dress she wore 17 years ago at the premiere of the movie “The Business of Being Born” in a photo she shared Wednesday on Instagram. “Oh, that old thing??” she wrote in the caption. “I just had it lying around.”

Lake added, “I originally wore this dress to the world premiere of ‘Business of Being Born’ in 2007 and now I’m wearing it again in 2024!”

In the comments, fans applauded Lake for her weight loss, which she also discussed in an interview with “Good Morning America” ​​that aired Thursday. The “Hairspray” star revealed she’s lost 35 pounds since October thanks to exercise, the keto diet and intermittent fasting.

Ricki LakeSays She’s Healthier After 30-Pound Weight Loss: ‘I Feel Great’

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But Lake has denied using drugs to help her lose weight, although she says a doctor suggested she do so. “He said I wasn’t going to be successful without it, that’s what he told me,” the actress said on “GMA.” “And I like challenges. I like proving people wrong. It pissed me off.

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