Steve’s Setlist: The weekend weather looks great

The low humidity holds for the next few days and will take us into a beautiful weather weekend…. go out and enjoy!

Track 1:
Bright Lights by Matchbox Twenty
Bright blue skies are forecast for the next few days as the anticyclone takes over. Our only chance of rain comes from a shower or two for the Outer Banks before sunrise Friday…and the possibility of an isolated shower late Sunday night. Otherwise, it’s glorious sunshine all weekend.

Track 2:
Stellar by Incubus
Friday will be wonderful…stellar…magnificent…. beautiful…whatever adjective you would like to use to describe the beautiful weather, insert __________ here. The reason? Low humidity. Dew point values ​​bottomed out Friday at very comfortable levels with high temperatures hovering in the 70s.

Track 3:
Hello from the stands
Low humidity values ​​and “cooler” high temperatures in the afternoon will make for a rather refreshing morning as the sun rises on Saturday. Low temperatures Friday night through Saturday could drop into the 50s and upper 40s! A rarity at this time of year.

High temperatures slowly rebound Sunday into the mid-80s before humidity and summer heat return next week.

Have a good week-end!


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